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Welcome to FIREFAQS.COM.

The name FIREFAQS represents the following elements:

Fire: Information - Research - Evaluations
Frequently Asked Questions.

This web site's primary focus is on sharing aspects of fire with the intention of helping people live better and safer lives.

As of September 16, 2019, this web site is still undergoing a major renovation. When the majority of the segments are populated with content, the "Under Construction" image shown below will disappear.

Hopefully, you will find this site to be a beneficial source of information by providing you with useful data, documents, opinions and reports. Access to various sections is made via the menu. The easiest way to grasp what is accessible here is by exploring the menu. Menu listings that currently don't connect to a valid link have been temporarily hidden.  As new material is added to the menu structure, the listings will populate the menu. Hopefully, if you can see it on the menu, you will be able to view it.

The web site's software attempts to determine the screen size and resolution of the device you are using to connect with FIREFAQS.COM and should adapt to your device.

NOTE: If you are using the Safari web browser on an iPhone or Apple product, most pages may display in one of Safari's default fonts, rather than the fonts used on this web site. And, you may only see black text when using Safari. To temporarily work around some of these challenges, you should be able to press the Menu Option that is represented by three horizontal lines (sometimes withing a circle) near the top of the screen to restore fonts and colors to pages. "One Press" of the three horizontal lines menu image should revert the fonts and colors to those set during site creation. If your iPhone uses Chrome as your browser, you shouldn't have to make any adjustments.

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